Clip Editing 

As a fellow Domme, I can understand how busy we get. Let me lighten your load by helping you edit your clips. I have pretty fast turn around time, unless I start getting large orders. I can have most clips edited, compressed, and delivered within a week. Most 2-3 minute clips I can have done in an hour and a half. I use Final Cut Pro X on an iMac to create all clips and can export them in many different formats.

$25 / Hour

Web Site Design

Have you browsed my website and become interested in having a site of your own? I can make one for you. I am able to build your site on either SquareSpace, Wix, or Wordpress. All you need is to buy your own domain name. Most websites take a couple weeks to turn around, depending on content. I can add your photos, write up copy and descriptions and link to all of your online content. It's the most professional way to build an audience.

$75 / website

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